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3D-Subtitler allows you to convert srt subtitles into a readable idx / sup subtitles file when using side-by-side or over/under type 3D movies.
Features of 3D-Subtitler 2.7 :

- Option to choose for SBS and Over/Under (the last one only uses 720p, 1080p will create big bitmaps, I can enable it on request).
- Option to select character sets for foreign languages outside Western Europe.
- Tryout for bringing depth in the subtitles. I recommend to bring it forward, towards you. This is more natural to watch. But I havent tried it very good yet
- Positioning of the subtitles. At start the default settings are used, but you can change now.

Changes in 3D-Subtitler :

• New features and changes:
- Text color can be changed now.
- Contrast of the text color can be changed (for example to prevent ghosting)
- Added Korean and traditional Chinese character sets


on 02 March 2013, reviewed by: German


3DSubtitler is crap.

It crashes when I double-click it.
"3DSubtitler has detected a problem and must close".

There is no proper installer neither is there any help for this crap.


on 22 April 2012, reviewed by: Rayner


3Dsubtitler does change the time for the Subtitle.

the Subtitle comes later or earlier than the scene. in my case about 3 - 6 seconds later :o(


on 09 April 2012, reviewed by: clint


However it has some problem that is working on PC only not TV.
Because most 3D TV don't support idx/sub file.
And most of the movie player working on PC are supporting 3D subtitle by themselves.
Have you any plan to develop this program to support .ass file or other subtitle file which is supported by 3D TV.

Thanks anyway..

Print 3D-Subtitler

SupRip: lets you OCR and detect text within subtitles as used by HD-DVD and Bluray movies.

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