AC3File 0.7b

Updated: 20 Feb 2010

AC3File is DirectShow AC3 and DTS file source filter. Required to playback raw AC3 and DTS files.
Supports much of different format variations: 8/14/16 bit big/low endian bitstreams.

Features of AC3File 0.7 :

- Support AC3/DTS files of following formats:
• AC3:
· 8 bit (= 16 bit little endian)
· 16 bit big endian
• DTS:
· 8 bit (= 16 bit little endian)
· 14 bit big/little endian
· 16 bit big endian
- Support for MPEG1/2 Program Elementary Stream (PES) with AC3/DTS substream
- Support for AC3/AudioCD and DTS/AudioCD format (IEC 61937 standard, SPDIF padded format)

Changes in AC3File 0.7b :

- Large files support ( >4Gb )
- AC3 bug fixed (Issue 1)

AC3 Filter: is DirectShow filter for AC3 decoding to play .AVI with AC3 audio tracks and MPEG2 (DVD).

WinampAC3: is a Winamp 2 and 5 input plugin to play .ac3 files.

AC3 ACM Decompressor: Dolby Digital AC-3 decoding for Windows ACM.

AC3Filter.ACM: is ACM decoder that allows any VFW application to play .AVI with AC3 or DTS audio tracks.

Spdifer: is a DirectShow filter that allows media players to passthrough multi-channel sound to the digital (SPDIF) output without any change...

AC3 Delay Corrector: solves the problems when you try to resynchronize the demultiplexed mpg-streams.

AC3fix: corrects any bad frames within AC3 files.


AC3File 0.5b
on 25 December 2007, reviewed by: Peter B. Bergonzi

I downloaded some sample DTS audio, which wouldn't play in Vista until I installed this codec. Now it plays in ...

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