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delaycut corrects delay and is also able to cut audio files coded ac3, dts, mpa and wav.
Formats supported by delaycut 1.4:

- DTS, ac3 and eac3.
- MPA files (48kHz sampling frequency).
- Linear PCM (Wav) supported.

Important Note:

- AC3 Delay Corrector development was closed. The software was replaced with delaycut, a new tool with more interesting and useful features. Contact us if you still need the old AC3 Delay Corrector.

Changes in delaycut

- BugFix: Fix logic for checking valid inputtype when using CLI.
- BugFix: Fixed README and output of -help switch so the updated switches are shown properly.
- Added: Added support to specify delay/cut values in audio frames.
- Added: Added "-help" switch to display the options available from CLI.
- BugFix: Fixed so that delay field in GUI worked properly.
- BugFix: Fixed CLI parser for to detect new switches.

Changes in delaycut

- Fixed: Error in duration of Wav files


on 18 January 2008, reviewed by: Anon


The only program I've found to completely fix errors in AC3 streams. The option to silence errors is particularly useful.

The fact that it can add and remove, delay and cut streams is a bonus.


on 12 October 2006, reviewed by: sharif




AC3 Delay Corrector 2.1 beta1
on 24 April 2005, reviewed by: hassan


I have some delay and I would like to get a professional software to slove that matter.

Print delaycut

AC3fix: corrects any bad frames within AC3 files.

AC3, AAC, OAG and OGG Machine pack: BeSweet front-ends wich allow encoding from AC3/MPA/MP2/MP3/VOB/AVI/WAV to AAC or OGG Vorbis, encoding & reencoding of AC3 files and more!

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