AMCap 9.21

Updated: 26 Aug 2012 | Shareware | 870KB | Downloads: 144877

AMCap is a small yet fully functional video capture and preview application compatible with Microsoft DirectShow.

It is a program much like Microsoft VidCap but which adds support for DirectShow (formerly ActiveMovie, hence the name).

AMCap is based on the sample AMCap source code from the Microsoft DirectX 9 SDK.

Features of AMCap 9.21:

- still capture (Ctrl+L)
- quick video capture (Ctrl+C)
- support for compression (Windows Media 9 Series only)
- remember Video Input, Compression, Standard and Size settings from a previous session
- remember window position
- full screen mode (ALT+Enter)
- support for multi-monitor and deinterlacing [using VMR9] (DirectX 9.0+)
- caption bar and menu on/off (F11)
- always on top (F12)
- quick TV channel switching (if a tuner is present) and OSD

Changes in AMCap 9.21:

- improves Windows 7 compatibility.
- adds an option to render the audio stream to the overlay feature.
- transparent overlay movies can now play in a loop.
- adds Color Space to Still Capture Pin properties.
- adds new menu organization.
- improves multi-monitor support.
- maintenance build.


AMCap 9.21
on 15 October 2012, reviewed by: Globomidia


Just what John said... fully functional that Noel´s ass. Only after down and install we find out the shut down after couple of minutes. thank you John for the Dscaler tip! Fk this Noel pregnant dog.


AMCap 9.20
on 16 January 2010, reviewed by: John


I gave it a Bad rating because, the description before downloading the program; says that it is fully functional, except for a couple of functions.

Only after installing the Demo version, I read in the help, that it will only run for 15 minutes, then shut-off or crash.

Check out VirtualDub or DScaler, they are fully functional.

Print AMCap

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