AMV2 Video Codec 3.00i

Updated: 24 Jan 2013

AMV2/AMV3 Video Codec is a high speed processing lossless and lossy codec for Windows.
Features of AMV2 Video Codec:

- "Lossless mode" and "Lossy mode" are supported.
- Compression format of "RGB24", "YUY2" and "YV12" are supported.
- "RGB24/32" convert to "YUY2".
- Multi thread version included.

Important Note:

- In the trial mode, AMV2 "watermarks" the video file.

Changes in AMV3 Video Codec 3.00i:

- Changed a homepage address.
- Expansion of the half size option of RGB24, YUY2, UYVY, HDYC. (I got possible to use it with many cases of AmaRecTV)
- The change of the display of the multi-thread setting. (Because it does not support Hyper-Threading Technology of Intel.)

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