Updated: 11 Jun 2006

AVI2Clipboard is a small freeware utility that saves information from AVI videos to the clipboard.
This is handy if you want to post AVI information on websites, forums or make a database of your video collection.

It's also possible to view the AVI information or to batch save the information of all AVI videos in a folder to text files.

AVI2Clipboard (dll) adds an entry to your Explorer context menu, which will only show when you right-click on a file with an .avi extension.

Features of AVI2Clipboard 2.1:

- Copy AVI information to the clipboard as a list.
- Copy AVI information to the clipboard by using a custom made template.
- View the AVI information.
- Batch save AVI information to separate text files (175 videos per minute).
- Batch save AVI information to a single text file (175 videos per minute).
- Batch save AVI information to (a single) text file(s) by using a custom made template (175 videos per minute).
- Select which information to save (not available when viewing the AVI information).

Changes in AVI2Clipboard 2.18:

- Fixed 2GB video size limit.
- Fixed wrong file size output when batch saving.

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AVI2Clipboard 2.18
on 08 January 2013, reviewed by:

It worked fine on widows xp pro sp3, but it will not work at all with windows 8 pro. It ...


AVI2Clipboard 2.18
on 30 December 2008, reviewed by:

Great tool. however it will not work in VISTA.

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