Updated: 17 Jul 2012

The BDInfo tool was designed to collect video and audio technical specifications from Blu-ray movie discs.
The information collected by BDInfo:

- Disc Size
- Playlist Contents
- Video Stream Details
- Audio Stream Details
- Subtitle Stream Details
- Graphics Stream Details

Changes in BDInfo 0.5.8:

- Blu-ray 3D SSIF scanning fixes (ex. [UK] The Hole 3D).
- Blu-ray scanning fixes for certain titles with playlists containing multiple M2TS (ex. [US] Enter the Void).
- The settings "Keep original stream ordering" and "Enable SSIF scanning" are now enabled by default.
- Added "50Hz Content" indicator to the main window and report when a disc contains any playlists with 1080i50 or 576i50 video.
- Added milliseconds display for the Playlist Length field in the report.
- Added drag-and-drop folder/file support from Explorer and the main program window.
- Browse button will now start the folder browser in the location specified by the "Select the Source BD-ROM" textbox.
- Fixed bug with empty custom playlists.
- Upgraded source code solution to Visual Studio 2010.

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BDInfo 0.5.2
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Did not work at all. Why? I inserted a BD movie (Bridge to terabitia) and the software said. Error, index ...

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