BeSweetGUI 0.7 b8

Updated: 28 Jan 2005

Graphical user interface for BeSweet. Slightly confusing and pretty damn ugly :-), but allows all the features of BeSweet to be used within the GUI environment.
Must-have for those of you who get shivers even by thinking about command line tools!

Changes in BeSweetGUI 0.7 b8:

- AAC/MP4: Added More -bsn Options + Bug Fix.

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BeLight: is a new Graphical User Interface for BeSweet, one of the best audio tools for transcoding.

AC3, AAC, OAG and OGG Machine pack: BeSweet front-ends wich allow encoding from AC3/MPA/MP2/MP3/VOB/AVI/WAV to AAC or OGG Vorbis, encoding & reencoding of AC3 files and more!

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