Updated: 20 Jul 2004

The pack has automated options for correcting lots of common problems, including those you might experiencing after installing "codec packs" or when working with DivX Pro/Dr DivX.
Some of the fixes included deal with:

- Green video
- Video that stops after a short period
- Corrupt video
- Crashes in WMP
- Downgrading from DivX Pro 5.1
- Registration problems with Dr DivX
- Echoing or Reverberating sound in Dr DivX
- Crashing or unexpected stops in Dr DivX
- Reduced DV resolution when encoding to DivX
- DivX encoder not appearing on list of compressors
- Errors in registry or INI files
The list goes on...

As always, you use this software entirely at your own risk. Please submit any bugs or missing items to bigfix[at]digital56k.com (replace "[at]" with "@").


The Big Fix is provided as a quick and easy way for DivX users to fix the most common problems associated with the DivX codec.
These fixes will typically reconfigure, disable or remove third party software which is known to interfere with normal use of the DivX decoder, DivX Pro and Dr DivX software, as well as checking aspects of your system configuration for correctness.
The "Dr DivX" section contains options for removing many filters that have the *potential* to interfere with Dr DivX. This does not necessarily mean that they *will* interfere with Dr DivX. Some filters here may be required by other software on your system.

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Cucusoft Codec Fixer: is useful if you encounter codec problems.

Vidc.Cleaner: if you don't see all codecs in VirtualDub, VirtualdubMod or other programs try this small tool coded by Koepi (the author of well-known XviD binaries).

DivX Repair: using DivX Repair, you can repair corrupt DivX and AVI files and eliminate freezes.

DivFix: was created to be able to watch partially downloaded DivX (AVI) movies.

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