Updated: 7 Mar 2010

DGMPGDec is an MPEG2 Decoder and Frame Server, based on DVD2AVI and MPEG2Dec.
It can be used to decode MPEG2 streams from DVD VOBs, captured transport streams, .MPG .MPEG2/.M2V files...

Changes in DGMPGDec 1.5.8 :

- Fixed a problem that caused DGIndex to crash with some pathological streams.
DGMPGDec 1.5.7
- Fixed pitch problems in DGDecode postprocessing.
- Added indexing progress reporting to stdout.

Note :

- If you are developer and need the source code, you can get it from here.

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AviDemux: is a video editor and encoder which can edit, encode, requantize MPEG and AVI, including DivX.

HC encoder: is a simple to use MPEG2 video encoder and is meant for creating MPEG2 video streams with a strong focus on DVD-compliancy.

Aspirator: is a tool that provides you to convert a DVD compressed in MPEG2 Format to an AVI file compressed with various codecs such as Divx or XVID Codec.


DGMPGDec 1.4.9 beta 17
on 29 April 2007, reviewed by:

Tried to play my .m2ts file from my Sony HD camcorder with this program but I got an error. This ...

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