Updated: 5 Dec 2005

Important! The development of DJBCP Codec Pack was officially discontinued.

The version 5 of the DJBCP Codec Pack is now online. Many changes have been made in order to increase efficiency. Some new components have been added.
DJBCP Codec Pack contains :

Video Codecs:
- DivX 6.1 Pro
- XviD MPEG-4 Video Codec-1.1.0-Beta2-04042005
- vp7 VFW Codec Version
- HUFFYUV 2.2.0
- Elecard MPG 2 Decoder Package 2.0
- Canopus DV Codec
- DVD Decoder Package
- VFAPI Reader Codec and VFAPI Converter 1.05
Audio Codecs:
- LAME 3.98 alpha 2
- ac3filter_1_01a_rc5
- oggdropXPdV1.8.6
- WinVorbis 1.57
- flac 1.12
DirectShow Filters:
- MorganStreamSwitcher
- AAC Parser
- RealMediaSplitter
- VSFilter (VobSub & TextSub filter for DirectShow/VirtualDub/Avisynth)
- oggcodecs 0.69.8924
- DumpFilter
- WAVdest Filter
- BeSweet 1.5b31
- VirtualDub 1.6.11
- VirtualDubMod
- RazorLame 1.15

Changes from DJBCP Codec Pack to DJBCP Codec Pack :

- all codecs are compatible with Windows Media Player
- updated DivX 6.03 Pro to version DivX 6.1 Pro
- updated lame3.97a9 to version LAME 3.98 alpha 2
- updated OggDrop 1.6.11e to version oggdropXPdV1.8.6
- updated WinVorbis 1.54 to version WinVorbis 1.57
- updated BeSweetv1.5b27 to version BeSweet 1.5b31
- updated VirtualDub to version VirtualDub 1.6.11
- updated VirtualDub Mod to version VirtualDubMod
- updated DVD Decoder Package
- updated vp6 vfw Codec to version vp7 VFW Codec Version
- added flac 1.12 (AAC Encoder)
- Added following extensions to Windows Media Player when ogg codecs are installed: .ANX, .flac, .OGA, .ogg, .OGV, .SPX
- removed all ogg codecs and replace it with a filterpackage oggcodecs 0.69.8924. (Is able to play Ogg Vorbis, Speex, Theora and FLAC files in Windows Media Player, BS Player and many more!)
- removed vlc (VideoLan) cause of having many problems with dts sound

DJBCP Codec Pack Light 2.2.0 contains :

- DivX Decoder 5.2.1
- XviD-1.0.2 Final
- DivX 3.11alpha
- Elecard MPEG2 Decoder
- Ogg Vorbis Direct Show Filter 0995
- AC3 Filter 0.7b
- Dump Direct Show Filter
- Wavdest Direct Show Filter
- lame Direct Show Filter
- Mpeg2Parser
- Multiple MPEG2 Source

Changes from DJBCP Codec Pack Light 2.1.0 to DJBCP Codec Pack Light 2.2.0 :

- Updated Direct Show Filter "Dump" to version
- Added Elecard AC3 Decoder to the component Elecard MPEG2 Decoder

• Notes:
- It is absolutely recommended to uninstall any other version of the DJBCP Codec Pack first!!!
- DJBCP PROJECT TEAM does not take any respnsibility for any harm on your computer. You install this software on your own responsibility!
- Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Windows Server 2003

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DJBCP Codec Pack
on 13 February 2008, reviewed by:

The best codec pack ever i use.


DJBCP Codec Pack
on 30 September 2007, reviewed by:

All codecs i tried were not working so good as this codec pack did.

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