DVD2SVCD 1.2.3 build 1

Updated: 22 Oct 2005 | Freeware | 11MB | Downloads: 43566

DVD2SVCD is able to encode your DVD, DVB, VOB, MPEG or AVI into DVD, SVCD or VCD. All done with a few clicks of the mouse. Perfect for both the beginner and advanced user!
Features of DVD2SVCD 1.2.3:

- Convert DVD to SVCD
- Convert AVI to SVCD
- Convert PVA to SVCD (PVA files is DVB captured files)
- Converting from NTSC to PAL
- Support for 2 audio streams
- Support for subtitles. SVCD, CVD and permanent subtitles
- Support for chapters. Both DVD chapters and fixed chapters
- Support for Titlepicture and Change CD picture
- Support for making overlapped CD's
- Support for downsampling audio from 48000 to 44100

Changes in DVD2SVCD 1.2.3 build 1 :

- Added: Now you can also convert AVI with AR of 1:1 (TV caps, DV). It's actually the same resizing algo as in the good ol' days of dvd2svcd 1.2.1 B3.
- Bug fix: Grande bug fixed in AVI to whatever when using the internal routines. If a chunk had a size of 0 it would stop demuxing the rest of the AVI fil leaving the audio incomplete. (Thanks to Nick and manolito)
- Fix: IMDB query is now working again
- Enhancement: All DVD2AVI and MPEG2DecXX.dll support has been removed. Only Donald Graft's DGMPGDec is supported (it is based on dvd2avi, but Donald has made tremendous improvements on it)
- Enhancement: Support for latest QuEnc, including special Matrix files
- Change: If you've selected DVD output and No Images, the files are muxed with MPlex instead of bbMPEG
- Enhancement: The programs in the Finalize tab is now changing depending on what output type you select (DVD, SVCD or VCD)
- Bug fix: The AC3 bitrate in an AVI was not taken into account when "No Audio Conversion" was selected.
- Fix: If you're trying to convert joined AVI files with an AC3 stream the muxer could fail due to a bad frame at the joinpoint. DVD2SVCD is now checking the entire AC3 file for bad frames (wrong length frames). This is usually such a few frames that you will not notice any sync problems.
- Bug fix: Extraction of DTS stream 0x8a is now working

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mDVDAuth 042: miniDVD & DVD authoring plugin for DVD2SVCD.

AutoFitCD 1.5: Great resizer plugin for DVD2SVCD.

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