DVDSubber 2.0.4 RC1d

Updated: 16 Oct 2004 | Freeware | 3.6MB | Downloads: 17561

DVDSubber was created to display additional subtitles during DVD or Media files playback.
The subtitles are overlayed on top of the video no modification is done to the file and no reauthoring is necessary.

DVDSubber use the time code of the DVD to synchronize the subtitle with the movie.

You can pause, fast forward, go to your favorite scene, the subtitle will always stay synchronized with the video.

You can either us an already existing subtitles scripts or create one from scratch using the embeded editor.

And of course DVDSubber is 100% freeware and contains absolutly no spyware or adware.

Features of DVDSubber 2.0.4:

User Interface:
- Fully skinable interface.
- Selectable hints box.
- A complete contextual menu with all the common functions.
- A complete control panel allowing to completly configure the program.
- All the keyboard shortcut are configurable.
- Tips of the day
- Embeded file manager and playlist creator.
- Nearly completly translatable using the provided utility.
- new: A set of command line arguments.
- new: Apply in realtime a offset to the subtitles.
- new: Customize the OSD using a script like language.
- new: Configurable mouse gesture support.
Playback features:
- Contains all the standard DVD playback features.
- User configurable scan speed (fast forward, fast backward)
- Bookmark support for DVD or media files.
- Assign a profile to a DVD or a media file
- Playback DVD from a DVD-Rom drive of from a folder.
- new: Support for ISO mounting tools.
- new: Customizable per DVD stop screen (Jacket).
Timed scripts compatibility:
- Native compatibility with SSA script format.
- Support for the most commonly used script format: JACO Sub (Including positioning and color directive), SAMI (Including multilanguage support), Real SMIL/RT, Subviewer 2, MicroDVD, SubRip
- new: Using a simple language add support for nearly any possible script format.
- new: Support UNICODE scripts (UTF-8, UTF-16 big and little endian)
- new: Partial support for Advanced SSA format.
Aspect ratio, blanking, resolution control:
- Change in realtime the size and position of the video.
- Adjust the video precisely to fit your screen.
- Save the aspect ratio parameters for future use.
- Assign an aspect ratio to a DVD or a file.
- Add blanking bars to hide irregular overscan bars or "glue mark".
- new: Shortcuts for most of the aspect ratio functions.
- new: Auto-switch screen resolution and color depth in full screen.

Changes in DVDSubber 2.0.4 RC1d :

- An enhanced subtitles rendering engine.
- Improved timer for more precise subtitles.
- Fully customizable Directshow graph.
- Support for unicode timed scripts.
- Mouse gesture.
- Nearly completly translatable.
- Powerful subtitles editor.
... and more!

Important Note :

- DVDSubber is not a stand alone DVD Player to function properly it need DirectShow compatible DVD filters. Most of the software DVD player (PowerDVD 2.5, WinDVD 2000, and others) install DirectShow compatible filters.


DVDSubber 2.0.4 RC1d
on 30 November 2005, reviewed by: Mr.Walkman


You certainly take your time thinking about removing this comment.

I am well aware of PestPatrol being overzealous. However I do trust my HIPS logs and my firewall alerts.
And when something tries to establish a connection to a site without my consent I call it infringement of my privacy.
Unfortunately not included in the log is application ID, which is DVDSubber.

If you feel the need of removing my comment, there is nothing stopping you.

As for the DVDsubber - I still believe it to be spyware/adware crap.



DVDSubber 2.0.4 RC1d
on 26 November 2005, reviewed by: Mr. Walkman


The software was downloaded from the official site, the developer claims it to be 100% spyware free.

Installer recognised as spyware by PestPatrol.

When the installed app is ran it attempts to establish a TCP connection to primary.webcamxp .com on port 80.

Here is the IDS log:

[26/11/2005 20:24:04]

Direction: outgoing
Local Point: xxxxxxxxxxx.xxxx.xxx [x.x.x.x], port 1256
Adapter: Local Area Connection 2
Remote Point: primary.webcamxp.com [], port http [80]
Protocol: TCP

100% spyware free? Don't think so. Get rid of the crap!

Administrator's Note: You're wrong, this software is clean!
You better get a real antyspyware/anivirus software (Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware is still free). PestPatrol is well-known for the huge number of false positives. Here is just a short quote from CastleCops' review: "I have to agree, Pest Patrol does it's job finding and eliminating pests, but the user should be warned...not everything that Pest Patrol finds is diabolical..."

Please always check twice before posting such serious allegations; and by the way, your second comment was removed and... we're thinking to remove this one, too.

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