Updated: 15 Oct 2012

One click DVD backup tool that uses CinemaCraft Encoder Basic/SP or QuEnc(ffmpeg) encoder or ReJig transcoder engine.
This tool helps you to do a full dvd backup(movie, extras, menus) of your DVD9s to one DVDR using one of the best video encoder available, CinemaCraft Encoder.

Changes in DVD Rebuilder 0.98.2 Free:

- This update includes several improvements to the authoring engine, better handling of HC Encoder, and bugfixes. Installer now includes HC v0.19.1.
* DVD Rebuilder 0.98.1 Free:
- Added a new "Write to Blank Disc (with ImgBurn)" option under the "Mode" menu. When selected this option will, at then end of DVD file creation, automatically burn to disc using the newest version of ImgBurn. Note -- the option is only enabled if you have ImgBurn v2.0.0.0 or greater installed on your computer. ImgBurn is highly recommended and can be downloaded at www.imgburn.com.
- Corrected an error in which "garbage" data following null or padding sectors could result in unpredictable timing and/or desynchronization.
- Added code to prevent a very rare cell transition timing anomaly that can occur when the source contains an irregularity.
- Added code to reduce the likelihood of "Error #0006" on streams that contain embedded MPEG garbage. Also, as investigation showed that these only happen in "orphaned" MPEG sections (following "null sectors" created by a decrypter) that are never actually decoded, the error has been removed and replaced by a warning in the STATUS window/log.
- Removed the "Special Error Processing" option. It no longer serves a purpose.
- Improved procedures for handling sequence_end_code and still frame processing. Fixed a bug in which an end code might be incorrectly inserted under certain rare circumstances.
- Corrected an error in which the INF first_sector and last_sector may (rarely on an oddly formatted source) be off by one sector.
- Fixed "Runtime Error 6" that can occur during rebuild when dealing with very small M2V files under specific conditions. - Added routines to recognize and ignore extraneous files in the source directory -- including unreferenced VTSs that serve no purpose except to occupy space.
- Added a "hidden" setting, "DISABLE_UNREFERENCED_REMOVAL". This allows you to keep unreferenced cells and VTSs if for some reason it becomes necessary. By default DVD-RB removes any video/audio that, based upon the IFOs, is not actually used on the DVD.
- Fixed an error that could cause certain types of still pictures to not display.
- Added code for checking and adjusting for Pan & Scan mode. This should correct the problem on certain players where BOV video appears horizontally compressed and button placement appears off.
- Improved the layer_break recognition routines to better recognize and properly handle seamless branching titles.
- Improved the layer_break recognition routines to more judiciously decide whether to change cell settings in the IFO.
- Updated the installer to include QuEnc v0.71, HC Encoder v0.18, and ECLPRO v1.00 (RC1).
- Other minor and cosmetic changes.

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