Updated: 11 Feb 2005

Bulk convert single mpegs to single-title DVD ISOs. With other apps, each title must be designed and authored seperately - a major hassle if you have a ton of DVR recorded mpegs, etc. to burn.
DVD Swarm converts the source mpegs; auto-generates each title's DVD menus; and compiles each title to a DVD ISO image suitable for burning. All ISOs are stored in a seperate ISO folder. Features include customizeable menu background images, custom Fini screen caption, and chapters per title/chapters per time interval to create for all titles generated. Custom images can be added to the backgrounds folder amd must be 720x480 standard jpegs.

Select one or more mpeg videos - must be 720x480 standard DVD specs compliant. Change menu appearance and options on the Settings page. Click "Swarm" to compile the ISOs. Burn them to DVD with your favorite burning software.

The name of the file will be the title of the DVD. So always rename the file to what you want it to be before you run it through DVD Swarm.

Changes in DVD Swarm 1.1.2 :

- Fixed Settings Dialog creation bug that prevented it from popping up properly. Disabled Maximize button.

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