Updated: 10 Dec 2008

DVdate is a nice utility for all video AVI files, but specially useful when dealing with DV video clips.
Main features of DVdate 7.1.1:

- convert a DV file from type 1 to type 2 (and reciprocally): It is useful when importing files into some video editing software that accept only videos of type 2, like Pinnacle's Studio.
- convert a non DV file into a DV file (Pal or NTSC): it is useful when editing a project with DV files, to import easily a video clip, that was compressed with anything else than DV like DivX or Mjpeg.
- convert a DV file from Pal to NTSC or reciprocally: it is useful to make a DVD in NTSC format with a camcorder in DV Pal.
- inlay datecode into the frames of a DV file: it is useful to display the date and time of capture on the screen, like the analog camcorders used to do.
- export a text file with the list of scenes from a DV video: it's very useful to catalog DV tapes, even to make a database of all scenes for instance in Excel.
- fix the framerate of an avi file : it may fix some out of sync issues, specially when an analog capture board did not set the correct framerate
- rename avi files by adding their datecode or timecode: it's useful when sorting video clips and archiving them.
- many other features are available: extract audio to WAV, fix a time difference, change the FourCC of the codec...

DVdate is able to load a great number of avi files into its "playlist", and process them individually or altogether. It displays automatically the video of each selected file.. With one keyboard hit (CTRL+F7) it may even load all avi files present on all your hard drives. Try it, you may be surprised by the result.

DVdate displays also complete information about the AVI file. Like the utility GSpot, it indicates the codec, the image size, the number of frames per second, the duration of the video etc..., when dealing with DV files, it adds the type I or II and the TV standard Pal or NTSC. It features also a function to display the RIFF header of an avi file, like riffwalk.exe from Microsoft used to do.

Changes in DVdate 7.1.1 :

- improvement of "hints et captions" in the window to overwrite datecode
- features a new command to overwrite a datecode into a DV file that had none (or to write over an existing one)
- the command RiffHeader displays the header with colors and can save the header either in text format (*.txt) or in richtext format (*.rtf)
- the command RiffHeader displays explicitely the data located in the INFO part

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