DivFix was created to be able to watch partially downloaded DivX (AVI) movies. It can rebuild or strip the index part of the movie, which is at the end of the file.
There are also a basic error detection, which can detect serious errors in the audio/video stream.

Changes in DivFix 1.13 Beta:

- DivFix 1.13 Beta may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

Changes in DivFix 1.10:

- Auto-clear option to clear the listbox after finishing
- Fixed I/O error 103 when stripping the index
- Fixed bugs in the "Cut out bad parts" option
- Displaying the time of the errors
- The "Keep original file" is turned on by default for safety purpose
- Now if the destination dir is empty, DivFix puts the new video, where the original was
- Displaying the name and the number of errors after finishing with a file
- Linux version is now available for those who wanted it
- Change in my postal address (for those who want to send me postcards... ;)

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DivFix++: is complete rewrite of DivFix program. DivFix++ is designed to repair broken AVI file streams by rebuilding index part of file.

DivX AntiFreeze: Sometimes video clips contain invalid frames that cause Media Player to freeze the image. DivX AntiFreeze avoids such freezings.

DivX Repair: using DivX Repair, you can repair corrupt DivX and AVI files and eliminate freezes.

AVIFixed: can fix play time errors and help you to be able to watch partially downloaded DivX (AVI) movies.

AVI Preview: is a program capable of playing partially downloaded AVI movies.


DivFix 1.13 Beta
on 20 October 2006, reviewed by:

In DivFix 1.13 Beta I can't drag and drop movie files. In 1.11 it work and is very ...


DivFix 1.12 Beta
on 23 June 2005, reviewed by:

The best the first the number one!!!!!!!

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