DivX Player 10.0.2

Updated: 8 Dec 2013

DivX Player delivers the best playback experience for movies, TV shows and popular web video formats (AVI, DIVX, MKV, MP4, MOV, WMV).
With support for advanced features (multiple subtitles, audio tracks, smooth FF/RW), quick transfer to DivX Certified devices and new streaming to DLNA-compatible devices, DivX Player with DivX To Go is the only tool you need for high-quality video playback of your collection—on your computer, throughout your home and on the go.

Features of DivX Player 10:

Playback DivX media files with advanced interactive features:
The DivX Player has integrated support for all of the advanced features of the DivX Media Format.
- Interactive menus allow you to quickly navigate between various scenes or bonus features and select from audio track and subtitle options
- XSUB subtitles enable you play multiple language subtitle sets
- Alternate audio tracks give you the freedom to enjoy audio tracks in multiple languages (Yes! Oui! Ja! ¡Sí!)
- Chapter points let you jump straight to the scene you want to watch
- XTAG video tags contain descriptive information about DivX video files such as the title, author and video specifications used in the file's creation
Enhanced for HD playback:
Bring video to life with remarkable high definition (HD) playback on your DivX Player. Even if you don't understand how the new player features like performance adaptive quality enhancement work, you'll be able to play and enjoy razor sharp HD video. Download an HD movie trailer and watch in awe as you are immersed in the HD capability of your DivX Player
Plays DivX VOD content and supports progressive downloading:
The DivX Video-on-Demand program is an Internet-based service that lets you quickly and easily access high-quality movies that you can view on your PC or any DivX Certified device. The DivX Player is the only player that can authenticate and play this content in clear, full-screen DivX video. DivX VOD also provides the convenience of streaming video with the quality and performance of DVD. Progressive download technology allows video to start playing before downloading is complete, meaning you can enjoy your VOD movie in just minutes (sometimes even seconds).
Supports advanced ATI video technology:
The DivX Player includes built-in support for ATI Technologies' Remote Wonder and FULLSTREAM technologies. Remote Wonder, a wireless radio-frequency (RF) remote control, gives you total "hands free" control over PC content, letting you play, stop, rewind, fast-forward, open, close and crank up the volume on your DivX movies without getting off the couch. (Or the bed, whatever; no judgments here.) For those of you who like to delve deeper, the DivX Player also supports hardware accelerated video post-processing with selected video hardware supporting ATI's FULLSTREAM technology (included in most modern ATI video cards). FULLSTREAM will increase video quality and drop CPU usage by up to 20%.
Dual monitor support:
The DivX Player includes the ability to play fullscreen video on dual-monitor systems. The Player can either limit the fullscreen playback to a particular monitor or span playback across multiple displays, maximizing your home entertainment experience.
Low CPU and memory requirements :
The DivX Player requires less CPU and memory than most other players, including Windows Media Player. This offers several advantages, including the ability to play great-looking DivX video content on older, less-powerful PCs.
Fully skinnable user interface:
You can personalize your DivX Player by adding a stylish new "skin."

DivX Web Player: allows you to download and playback DivX Video files from within your favorite web browser. It's the perfect way to enjoy DivX videos online.

DivX Media Format Filters: enable playback of DivX Media Format (.divx) files with advanced features in popular media players.

DivX Subtitle Displayer: a program that can display subtitles while playing DivX movies.

DivX MPEG-4 Audio Compressor: if you are using a DivX codec 4, 5 or later for playing DivX 3 contents and you do not have the DivX 3.11 Alpha codec installed, you might need this tool.

Media Player Classic: looks just like Windows Media Player 6.4, but has many additional features.

SubEdit Player: is a very easy-to-use, versatile movie player and subtitles editor.

Gom Player: is a freeware media player that playbacks most of the popular video formats.

MV2Player: is freeware multimedia player for Windows, with tons of usefull features.


DivX Player 6.2
on 03 May 2006, reviewed by: johnny

this is good


DivX Player 6.2
on 29 April 2006, reviewed by: inline

I just tried the player because dual monitor support was promised. But I did not experience anything working on two ...

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