HDVSplit 0.77 beta

Updated: 18 Mar 2007 | Freeware | 227KB | Downloads: 30069

HDVSplit is an utility for capturing HDV stream from your camcorder with scene splitting by timestamp.
You can also split MPEG2 Trasnport Stream files captured earlier - new scenes are detected by date and time read from .m2t file. For preview you need MPEG2 decoder, if you don't have one, try free ffdshow (look below how to configure it).

Supported HDV camcorders:

- Sony HDR-HC1
- Sony HVR-A1 (thanks Ratan for checking it out)
- Sony HDR-FX1 (thank you Sportster)

Changes in HDVSplit 0.77 beta:

- all HDV camcorders and Vista support

Changes in HDVSplit 0.75 :

- fixed crash on exit when MPEG2 decoder could not be found
- added detection of dropped frames/packets during capture
- added elapsed time of capturing session


HDVSplit 0.77 beta
on 27 October 2007, reviewed by: Jon



Where did you find the required DVHS driver for Vista?



HDVSplit 0.77 beta
on 02 June 2007, reviewed by: John


I bought a new computer, installed Windows Vista and Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 just to notice that Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 doesn't work with Vista (at least with 64bit)

Bought a new hard disk and installed Windows XP and Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0. (Didn't want to uninstall Vista because I don't know if MS is ever going to accept my Vista validation again if I later on move back to Vista ...)

Started to capture video from my Sony HDV camcorder just to notice that scene detection in Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 doesn't work with HDV.

I was ready to throw Adobe away and buy a new version of Pinnacle Studio, which I have used with my DV camcorder for a long time BUT luckily I found this nice HDVSplit program and was able to split my 10 Gb mpeg file to small scene size mpeg files.

It was easy and it was fast.
This program is just great at least for this purpose !


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