Updated: 19 Apr 2014 | Freeware | 15MB | Downloads: 18472

HandBrake is a GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder.
Features of HandBrake 0.9:

• Supported Sources:
- Any DVD-like source: VIDEO_TS folder, DVD image or real DVD (unencrypted--protection methods including CSS are not supported internally and must be handled externally with third-party software and libraries), and some .VOB and .TS files
- Most any multimedia file it can get libavformat to read and libavcodec to decode.
• Outputs:
- File format: MP4 and MKV
- Video: MPEG-4, H.264, or Theora
- Audio: AAC, CoreAudio AAC (OS X Only), MP3, or Vorbis. AC-3 pass-through, DTS pass-thorugh (MKV only)
• Misc features:
- Chapter selection
- Subtitles
- Integrated bitrate calculator
- Picture deinterlacing, cropping and scaling
- Live Video Preivew

Changes in HandBrake 0.9.9:

• Blu-ray (PGS) subtitle support:
- works with Foreign Audio Search
- can be Burned-In
- can be passed through to MKV (but not MP4)
- Check out the detailed release notes for more details.


on 02 March 2014, reviewed by: DrTeeth


Brilliant app, though v0.9.9.1 has been out since May 2013


on 25 February 2014, reviewed by: mauricio


very nice app and easy to use yet powerfull

uses all cores of the cpu to 100% so it is very fast, but also makes the video output with awesome quality

awesome to convert dvds to mp4/mkv

you can select chapters, audio, subs, etc


HandBrake 0.9.8
on 27 October 2012, reviewed by: S L


Have been using handbrake for quite sometime now as a casual user not professional or anything. Such a pity they remove target filesize from its option due to certain somebody ranting about it. I really liked that option.

Recently I tested both HandBrake (nightly build svn 5026) & XMedia Recode ( Let me tell you Handbrake is definitely getting competition from XMedia Recode.

Test 350mb avi to 150-160mb mkv
Handbrake = 15mins
XMedia Recode = 7mins
Handbrake = Constant Quality RF 22.5
XMedia Recode = Constant Quality RF 25

If based on my target filesize range Handbrake has superior quality due to better RF but XMedia Recode is way faster! Handbrake needs to improve encoding speed.

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XMedia Recode: is a freeware tool able to convert almost all known audio and video formats.

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MKVToolnix: is a set of tools to create, alter and inspect Matroska files under Windows.

EasyBrake: only ONE click to convert!

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