Updated: 18 Jan 2008

IsoPuzzle is a data recovery utility for damaged / scratched DVDs and data CDs.
The goal of IsoPuzzle is to recover as much as possible data of damaged, bad burned or scratched CDs or DVDs.

This version supports only data CDs and DVDs with sectorsize of 2048 byte - Audio CD, VCD and SVCD are not supported.

How it works :

- All readable data is stored in an "ISO" image file which can be read by various software such as "Daemon Tools", "WinRar" (needs iso-plugin) and most burner software like "Nero Burning Rom" etc.
- Please note, that image files greater 4GB need to reside on a NTFS disk!
- Every succsessfully read sector is stored in the image file (*.ISO) and will be marked "good" in the corresponding "flag" file (*.FLG).
- If a read error is encountered a dummy sector will be written which will remain marked "bad". In this case a random number of sectors are skipped for faster progress.
- Reaching the end of the disk a retry loop will be entered until all sectors have been read or a selectable "Give Up Time" has been reached.
- After selecting the "Source" drive and the "Destination" folder the copy process can be started by pressing "Start".
- The suggested filenames are taken from the DVDs volume label.
- The copy process can be interrupted at any time by pressing the "Pause" button and can be continued by pressing "Start" again.
- This way You can try to complete Your image file even on different machines with different CD drives - often one drive can read some sectors which are unreadable for an other one.
- For using different drives You can share the image file *.ISO (together with the flag file *.FLG) on a network drive or put it on a portable disk (USB).

Changes in IsoPuzzle 1.7 :

- Extended single sector reading, Delete flag & import file on success
- Import function reviewed, Pause time decisions improved
- Lot of Bugfixes (probably last sector missing due to aspi(?), crash on more than 8 drives, unmountable disk prevents give up, possibly corruped flagfile on ripping attempt to locked image)

Important Note:

- You need a working ASPI layer on your system! IsoPuzzle 1.4 has been tested with the newest version of WNASPI32.DLL of Nero AG ().
Put the WNASPI32.dll together to Your IsoPuzzle.exe folder Do not copy it into Your system folders!

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IsoPuzzle 1.7 beta
on 23 September 2008, reviewed by:

Great little program! Does what work as discribed!

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