Jajuk 1.10.7

Updated: 26 Aug 2014

Jajuk organizes and plays music. It is a full-featured application geared towards advanced users with large or scattered music collections. Using multiple perspectives, the software is designed to be intuitive and provide different visions of your collection.
Main Features of Jajuk 1.1:

• Player functions:
- Digital DJ: Let Jajuk make your playlist based on your own rules
- Ambience management: ask for a soft playlist in two clicks maximum!
- Advanced rating system : banning system, clever rating based both on user preference (set in one click) and automatic analysis (see Rating system for more).
- Configurable cross-fade
- Find duplicate tracks: inbuilt feature to find duplicate tracks across your audio collection
- Alarm clock: start/stop Jajuk at a preset time
- Prepare Party: allows to quickly copy a selection of tracks to an external device
- File management: cut/copy/past/rename; create/delete files/directory in the files perspective from within Jajuk
- Recursive play/repeat/shuffle/push in directories/sub-directories or by genre/artist/albums...
- "Shuffle" smart function to play shuffled selection, track by track, inside an album or album by album
- "Best Of" smart function to play your favourite tracks
- "Novelties" smart function to play your collection newest albums
- "Finish album" smart function to finish current album even in the middle of a shuffled playlist
- Push into player queue
- Planned tracks: foresee your selection
- Various startup modes: none, last one, last one keep position, specified, shuffle, novelties, bestof
- Intro from a track position and specified length
- Repeat / Repeat all, shuffle, intro, fast forward/rewind, mute, karaoke etc.

• Supported formats:
Jajuk supports most audio formats (MP3, OGG, FLAC, AAC, WMA, APE, etc...) and tags. Check out Supported formats for an exhaustive list.

• Engine:
- Automatic indexing: Jajuk uses an XML database to store collection tags. It allows a fast startup even for very large collections. Moreover, you can continue to use jajuk when the collection is refreshed in background.
- Devices synchronization: unidirectional or bidirectional, full or partial
- Custom properties support: create custom attributes on any item to store personal data such as your own tag
- Disconnected devices support: navigate into unmounted devices (CDs for example) to get a complete view of your collection at any time (nice feature if you have plenty of music CDs)
- Collection reporting in HTML or XML
- DBus support (Linux only)

• Search functions:
- Web navigator-like history bar
- Instant search box to perform quick searches
- Table filters
- Lyrics grabbing from the web, read/write to tags

• Tag support:
- Most tags supported (Ogg,ID3 V1/V2, WMA, Flac...)
- Tag edition (single and multiple tracks)
- Online(CDDB) retagging
- Collection reorganizer using tags and a pattern
- Create your own tag using the custom properties

• Graphical Interface:
- Dockable perspectives and views
- Tray support under Windows and Linux
- Full keyboard controls
- Look and Feel support
- Files / Tracks separation: navigate into physical directories or into tags like genres, artists, albums...
- Collection charts and stats
- Wikipedia view displays artist discography
- Artist biography from Artist view
- Multi-language
- Full-featured and ultra-light slimbar
- Full screen mode
- Toast or baloon playing track notification

• Covers support:
- Visual catalog of all albums by covers
- Auto-covers grabbing from the web with possibility to store them on your disk or make them your default cover

• Playlist support:
- Dynamic playlist creation by drag and drop
- Bestof automatic playlist
- Bookmarks automatic playlist
- Novelties automatic playlist

- Jajuk requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 and above to run.

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