Lazy Man's MKV 1.0.1 alpha 8

Updated: 12 May 2006 | Freeware | 1.19MB | Downloads: 1129487

This is a Matroska Playback Pack for minimalists who hate bloated Codec Packs. It will install only 3 DirectShow filters (kudos to Gabest and his project guliverkli).
Features of Lazy Man's MKV 0.99 :

- Matroska Splitter
- RealMediaSplitter
- VSFilter 2.37

As an option, the installer can also install the newest CoreVorbis (DirectShow filter for Ogg Vorbis), (2005-08-13).

Changes in Lazy Man's MKV 0.99 :

- Matroska Splitter>
- VSFilter 2.36->2.37
- RealMediaSplitter>
- CoreAAC is removed.

Important Note:

- If you prefer the official playback packs, make sure to install only the filters you need. Installing random filters/codecs without thought could mess up your computer! Just because MKV is great, doesn't mean you should install all the components. For instance, most people won't need the FLAC decoder at this moment. There is nothing wrong with the Matroska Full Install Pack if you uncheck the components you don't need. That way your DirectShow system won't be bloated needlessly.


Lazy Man's MKV 1.0.1 alpha 8
on 28 September 2007, reviewed by: Sam


I have a problem with Lazy_Man_MKV. I installed it right, and I didn't read that bit that said only install the one you need of your com if stuff. So can anyone help me fix the problem off my movies changed from avi to somthing else. I stuff up ok.
Please help me?


Lazy Man's MKV 1.0.1 alpha 8
on 18 March 2007, reviewed by: Zanch


Great Program Does just as it says! Computers are complicated ... get over it.


Lazy Man's MKV 0.98 alpha 4
on 11 October 2005, reviewed by: kyle


ok, i used this on a mkv file and now i get sound on my divx and wmp, but...i'm getting both english and japanese at the same time?? is it just the files or is there someway i can fix this?

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Matroska Splitter: is a DirectShow splitter filter for the Matroska (.mkv) container format.

Haali Matroska Splitter: is a new DirectShow splitter, based on Haali's C library for Matroska handling.

PixiShow: is an USF rasterizer filter for DirectShow. It can display USF subtitles embeeded in the Matroska container...

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