Local Subtitles for WMP is a background plug-in for Windows Media Player. Its sole purpose is enabling textual subtitles, that accompany media files in formats not supported directly by Microsoft.
The plug-in is intended primarily to Windows7/WMP12 x86/x64, since on prior OSes can be used.

On Windows 7, due to enforcing of Media Foundation framework and Enhanced Video Renderer, can't (and shouldn't) be used any more. Almost everything is supported out-of-the-box.

The 3 exceptions are:

- Matroska splitter (available from Haali in x86/x64),
- DTS audio to stereo convertion (available via in x86/x64)
- and, finally, non-SAMI subtitles, mainly in SRT format, supported via DirectVOBsub/VSFilter, but the latter always modifies MF/DS pipeline, degrades performance, spoils native SAMI support, doesn't display unicode SAMI properly and shows subtitles over the movie picture, that is inferior to Microsoft's way - under the movie frame.

Important Note:

- We've written a guide called How to synchronize subtitles? which helps you to to synchronize subtitles using DirectVobSub/VSFilter.

Changes in Local Subtitles for WMP 1.6:

- Fixed per-machine and per-user settings both in installer and in the binaries.
• Local Subtitles for WMP 1.5:
- Installer with possibility to switch WMP to 64 or 32 bit. The switch works best on untempered registry. The switch doesn't change keys' owner, has minimum possible impact on registry and switchs completely (with file associations). 64 and 32 bit packages can be installed on the same 64-bit PC simultaneously.

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Local Subtitles for WMP 1.6
on 28 April 2013, reviewed by:

It worked just fine. I installed the plugin, and subtitles popped up.


Local Subtitles for WMP 1.5
on 08 June 2011, reviewed by:

I say bad as I have no more appropriate word to describe a non-working, non-documented whatsoever program. Installed on a ...

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