Updated: 28 Jan 2005

MP3Clip can split and join back mp3 files based on time segments. Splitting is done on frame boundaries so no quality or functionality is lost.
Features of MP3Clip 1.0:

- Easily split mp3 files based on time lengths.
- Splits on frame boundaries so no quality or functionality is lost!
- Splitting is very fast!
- Files that have been split can be joined back together.
- Can split up very large files as well as small files.
- Create virtually an unlimited number of tracks.
- Track times can be saved and then loaded later on.
- Can grab time positions from winamp!
- Can grab time positions from sonique.
- Can view the ID3v1 info of an mp3 file.
- ID3v1 and mpeg headers are preserved.
- Time can be entered in seconds or mm:ss format.
- Progress bars that show when the operation will be completed.

Changes in MP3Clip 1.0:

- SPEED IMPROVEMENT - The first thing I want you to notice about the new version is the speed. I've spent a lot of time trying to improve the speed and I'm confident that there isn't another splitter out there which can match the speed of MP3Clip.
- Ability to join files - Now you can join splitted mp3 files back together! Or join any other mp3 files into a single file.
- Can now grab time positions from Sonique as well as Winamp.
- Track time lists can now be saved to a file and loaded at a later time.
- You can now view the ID3v1 information of an mp3 file.
- ID3v1 tags and mpeg frame headers are now preserved.
- Time can now be entered in a mm:ss format (minutes:seconds).
- Improved GUI.
- Many bugs have been fixed.

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