Matroska Splitter

Updated: 16 Apr 2014

Matroska Splitter is a DirectShow splitter filter for the Matroska (.mkv) container format.
The video/audio found within the Matroska container can be virtually found in any format, like DivX, so you need to download appropriate codecs. Use GSpot, AVIcodec or other codec identifier to determine the right codecs.

How to install Matroska Splitter:

If you are unable to install the filter, please read this small guide: How to install/uninstall DLL and AX codec files from Guides section.

Changes in Matroska Splitter 1.4.3:

- added support for Microsoft MPEG4 V3, MJPEG, ProRes, SNOW and several types of uncompressed video ('V_UNCOMPRESSED')
- improved keyframe list building algorithm
- added options window and the "Load Embedded Fonts" option
- added support for the "A_OPUS" identifier
- added support for HEVC/H.265
- added support for VP9

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How to install/uninstall DLL and AX codec/filter files: easy way to install/uninstall DLL, AX files using command prompt.

Haali Matroska Splitter: is a new DirectShow splitter for .mkv (Matroska), .mp4, .ogg/.ogm and .avi handling.

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Lazy Man's MKV: a Matroska Playback Pack for minimalists who hate bloated Codec Packs.

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