Updated: 19 Apr 2014

Movienizer is a powerful movie cataloger that contains features of an encyclopedia. It was developed by movie lovers specially for movie lovers.
Do you like movies? If so, there may be quite a number of video cassettes, DVDs, HD-DVDs, Blu-Ray Discs etc. on your shelves, racks, behind your TV-set, under your bed...

From time to time you find a movie that you never expected to have, sometimes you can't find a DVD that you are sure you've purchased.

Is there a way to organize your movie collection?

Yes, and it's pretty simple if you use the ultimate movie organizer tool: Movienizer.

Features of Movienizer 6.3:

- Create an interactive movie catalog the way you like it.
- Find information about a particular movie, download DVD cover.
- Find information about an actor, actress, director, screenplay writer, download photos.
- List all movies with the given actor/actress, or by the given director, screenplay writer etc.
- Easily navigate between movies, actors etc.
- Customize the content (reviews, pictures, biographies, comments, rating) of each page.
- Organize your movie collection by specifying the exact location of every DVD, Blu-Ray disc, HD-DVD, video cassette, or other media.
- Inform yourself about future movies with your favorite actors, actresses, by your favorite directors, screenplay writers, and so on.
- Easily select a movie you'd like to see again without searching through all of your physical media. Your collection is in one place and easily accessible.
- Find and mark the movies you want to see in the future.
- Take snapshots directly from your DVDs or video files.
- Add a DVD using barcode.
- Play your movies with the built-in player.
- Search your database for a specific entry.
- List your movies by genre, year, name, director, actor etc.
- Take notes about movies that you give to your friends or acquaintances (loan manager).

Changes in Movienizer 7.0.389:

- Movienizer 7.0 can upload your movie list to a cloud server, which offers a number of benefits. First of all, this feature can be used to back up the complete movie list. While it is still recommended to create local backups using the backup feature of Movienizer, a backup on the server can be used as an additional safety measure.
- See full changelog here.

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Movienizer 7.0
on 22 February 2014, reviewed by:

It was a great program until they switched to subscription license model. Switched to All My Movies, they license fee ...

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