Ogg DirectShow Filters

Updated: 2 May 2004

With Ogg DirectShow Filters you can watch and if you want to, create, .ogm wrapped videos.
Using the OGM instead of the common AVI wrapper has several advantages, namely the fact that the audio and video should always, under virtually any circumstances, maintain synch.

The package contains the actual DirectShow filters as well as various tools for handling .ogm streams, such as Ogg Splitter and Ogg Multiplexer.

The Ogg Vorbis package consist of four filters:

- Ogg Splitter (splits Ogg files into the different Ogg streams)
- Ogg Multiplexer (does the mupltiplexing of several Ogg streams into a file)
- Vorbis Encoder (encodes PCM audio to vorbis. CBR and VBR modes)
- Vorbis Decoder (decodes vorbis audio to PCM or IEEE float)

Important Note:

- There are some problems with Ogg DirectShow Filters! "...for some reason it doesn't play sound in the right channel of my system. I'm using a SoundBlaster Live! audiocard and the most recent drivers." (Thanks Sam)

Changes in Ogg DirectShow Filters

- devided OggDS.dll into VorbisDS.ax (Vorbis Encoder/Decoder) and OggDS.ax (Ogm Muxer/Splitter) to allow independent installation.
- reorganized the entire directory structure.
- set the version string to
- several bugs caused by missing initialization fixed.
- all media types belonging to a certain group (e.g. video/audio/text) are now grouped correctly.
- several languages added ... right-click the tray-icon.
- Ogg Splitter filter provides both media types for Vorbis (Vorbis Decoder) and Vorbis2 (CoreVorbis Decoder). If both are installed CoreVorbis is preferred.
- Ogm Muxer filter support muxing of SSA, ASS, UTF8 and USF subtitles. At the moment these subtitles can only be muxed with graphedit using the Subtitles filters from guliverkli. In addition, these subtitles can only be displayed using the VSFilter from guliverkli.
- Vorbis Decoder can ignore the POSTGAIN tag or manually set the gain by moving a slider.

Last but not least, to get advantage of these new features the "enable all streams" flag of Ogg Splitter has to be set.

Changes in Ogg DirectShow Filters

- Changed everything to Unicode(tm) to ensure that other languages are handled correctly.
- Support for Vorbisgain tags
- The OggSplitter supports now the IAMMediaContent interface to pass some tags like "TITLE" a.s.o. to the player.
- The tray icon shows now also the title instead of "Ogg DSF"

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Ogg DirectShow Filters
on 23 March 2009, reviewed by: motman

Have you tried increasing the buffer size for the OGM decoder. Mine was set to the minimal of small and ...


Ogg DirectShow Filters
on 10 September 2008, reviewed by: Anonymous

Poor. This whole never out of sync thing is bollocks. Constantly out of sinc, sped up and choppy video, poor ...

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