PixiShow is an USF rasterizer filter for DirectShow. It can display USF subtitles embeeded in the Matroska container (tested with the latests MKVToolnix builds) and, when no embeeded USF subtitles are present in the clip, it looks for an external USF subtitle file with the same name of the videoclip.
What USF means?

The Universal Subtitle Format (USF) is an ambitious project created in order to provide a clean, documented, powerfull and easy to use subtitle format. The format is based on the XML format for many reasons: flexibility, human readability, portability, unicode (UTF-8), hierarchy system and easier management.

Changes in PixiShow 2005-08-27:

- Fixed wrong \1a\2a\3a\4a tag parsing
- Added support for the following SSA/ASS tags: \bord\shad
- Fixed behaviour when Default style is called as "*Default" from the dialogue line
- Fixed wrong tag conversion when \b0\i0\s0\u0 have no \b1\i1\s1\u1 before

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DirectVobSub (VSFilter): is simply a DirectShow filter which can be used to display subtitles.

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