PowerEnc 2.4

Updated: 14 Jan 2012 | Freeware | 3.74MB | Downloads: 3026

PowerEnc is an easy to use and fast CD ripper and encoder which will allow you to easily and fastly switch between different audio formats.
PowerEnc is a small but powerfull audiotool, which combines encoder, transcoder and ripper. You can encode your files or audio-cds with any stdin compatible encoder (like "lame.exe"). Get audio-cd infos from FreeDB and save them in your favourite tag-format (id3v1, id3v2 or ape).

Changes in PowerEnc 2.4 Build 20100205:

- Testversion of PowerEnc 2.4 with some changes in the backend and a new cover search which is know working with the current AWS authentification.

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