RadLight Ogg Media DirectShow filter

Updated: 14 Feb 2005

RadLight Ogg Media DirectShow filter suite enables playback of Ogg and OGM files in any DirectShow based player (tested with Windows Media Player and, of course RadLight 4).
It also comes with its own Ogg Vorbis (audio) and Theora (video) DirectShow decoder.

Our main objective is to have a working & stable Ogg/OGM support in RadLight, something that wasn't possible using the original OggDS by Tobias Waldvogel/Xiph ... more features can be added later (support for Unicode subtitles & new audio/video formats) but I don't want to give you any false hope.

Changes in RadLight Ogg Media DirectShow filter

• RadLight Speex decoder v1.0.0.0
- can decode Speex streams
• RadLight Theora decoder updated to v1.0.0.3
- added RGB32 output (needs some optimalization though, Overlay
• Mixer highly recommended for Win9x users)
- little upgrades in DShow transport
• RadLight Ogg splitter updated to v1.0.0.2
- seeking upgrades
- fixed bug that made splitter crash with unknown streams
- added *.spx extensions

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