ReClock DirectShow Filter

Updated: 26 Apr 2014

The purpose of ReClock is to definitely get rid of jerky playback of AVI and MPEG material on a PC (or a PC connected to a TV). It's a DirectShow filter that replaces the DirectSound Audio Renderer (the default audio rendering filter for Microsoft DirectShow).
It provides a new reference clock that is locked to the video card hardware clock, in order to ensure that frames are played at the exact speed of what is expected by the video card vertical sync.

ReClock also provides a frame rate adaptator for media files that do not match a multiple of the video card refresh rate (ex: playback of 23,976fps IVTC NTSC on a PAL TV).

Finally it is an audio renderer with hardware or software rate adaptation in real-time, multi-channel audio, and dynamic range compression capabilities.

Important Notes:

- ReClock must be installed *after* PowerDVD or Arcsoft TMT 3
- Whenever PowerDVD or Arcsoft TMT 3 is updated or reinstalled, ReClock must be reinstalled
- ReClock replaces the ASAudioRenderer.dll in the TMT 3.0 Codec directory. A backup ASAudioRenderer_bak.dll will be created. Do not delete this file, it is required!

Changes in ReClock DirectShow Filter

- New: Support for PowerDVD 14
- New: Better Support for 3D Blu-ray playpack with PowerDVD 10/11/12 & 13
* ReClock DirectShow Filter 1.8.8:
- New: Support for ArcSoft TMT 6
- New: Support for PowerDVD 13

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DivXG400: solves incompatibility with DivX, MPEG4, WM7, WM8 codecs and Matrox G400/G450 drivers.


ReClock DirectShow Filter beta
on 02 January 2013, reviewed by: fifi

Will always skip audio at start of play, no matter what settings.


ReClock DirectShow Filter beta
on 08 July 2012, reviewed by: gary

Cleared up annoying audio sound distortions/unwanted noise for a couple of months,but back to square one now. Program ...

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