RealMedia Splitter

Updated: 15 Apr 2014 | Freeware | 661KB | Downloads: 274916

RealMedia Splitter allows you to play RealNetworks audio/video files using Windows Media Player. You will need to install RealPlayer/RealOne Player or Real Alternative [recommended] first.
How to install RealMedia Splitter:

If you are unable to install the filter, please read this small guide: How to install/uninstall DLL and AX codec files from Guides section.

Changes in RealMedia Splitter 1.4.3:

- fixed playback of files that miss certain data (i.e. the value is 0) in the header
- only "valid" packets having Data Packet Header are involved in duration calculation during indexing


RealMedia Splitter
on 22 July 2008, reviewed by: MrMe73


Only thing I can suggest for you guys with problems is to use the CCCP-Insurgent to see if the splitter actually installed.
http://cccp-project .com

As of July 22 there site is temporarily under maintenance a direct link is:
http://cccp.project357 .com/CCCP-Insurgent-2007-01-01.exe


RealMedia Splitter
on 06 October 2007, reviewed by: Don


Real Media Player is so awful and causes so many problems I used to immediately delete it from any system I was planning to seriously use to just ward off future problems. My heart sinks when on-line content is only available in .rm format, but I try to install it anyway--it worked maybe ten percent of the time over the past, what, ten years? However long it's been.

I tried yet again to install RealMedia in 2007 and after 2 hours of frustration I finally gave up, looked for another solution, and found Realalternative. Praise be to Jesus and I'm not even religious. It works perfectly and for the first time in my computer-using life I don't have to fear the .rm.


RealMedia Splitter
on 24 August 2006, reviewed by: Mangogul


Doesn't work on Real streamings (I think those who write it didn't work were actually trying to listen to streaming files).
Does anyone have a clue to answer Roland's question ?

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Real Alternative: will allow you to play RealMedia files without having to install RealPlayer/RealOne Player.

Tara's Real Audio Input Plugin (for Winamp): allows Winamp to play real audio, real video, real jukebox, mpegs, live rtsp/pnm streams, and many other formats.

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