Updated: 1 Aug 2014

SVPtube is an easy to use application which allows you to play your online streams from YouTube directly in your video player. All you have to do is to copy the YouTube link to your clipboard.
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The developers of SVPtube have tested the application with MPC-HC and PotPlayer, although it should work on any media player of your choice.

SVPtube enables you to monitor your clipboard for YouTube links and extract those links to video streams in different formats, to send available streams to various video players, to use an “Autoplay” option which is enabled from the tray context menu and to choose your favorite video size.

SVPtube stays in your system tray and it is ready for configuration whenever you want to open it. The configuration options you may choose from are the desired resolution, filtering videos by MP4 file format, and specifying the executable file for opening the clips.

The application works fast and error-free, without consuming too many system resources.
There are some things you need to be aware of before using SVPtube, for an optimal experience: links are time limited and valid only for your IP; performance depends on the video player, as well, and you need to set the video player to open videos in the same windows.

For instance, for MPC-HC, follow this path: View – Options – Player – Use the same player for each video file. If you use Daum Pot Player, select: Preferences – General – Multiple instances – Disable: Play files in existing instance.

SVPtube is an interesting and helpful application, which makes it possible for you to play videos from YouTube in your favorite media player in a simple manner, which opens a wide range of possibilities to you.

Changes in SVPtube 1.2.1:

+ updated to recent YT changes in encrypted signatures
+ added option to prefer VP9 video format

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