Updated: 15 Sep 2014

SageThumbs is a powerful shell extension allowing to preview enormous amount of image formats directly in Windows Explorer.
Features of SageThumbs 2.0:

- Extended thumbnail image view of Explorer folder
- Thumbnail image in explorer context menu (right-click menu)
- Extended info tips
- Support 162 image formats (224 extensions) via GFL Library
- Support additional 26 image formats via XnView plugins (if installed)
- Send by mail support
- One-click conversion to popular image formats support
- Wallpaper selection support
- Copy to clipboard support

SageThumbs can use external XnView plugins, it tries to automatically detect XnView installation folder or if failed it will use predefined folder.

Changes in SageThumbs

- Added support for "Kind association"
- Fixed file properties enumeration
- Fixed MIME registration (issue #57)
- Added Korean translation (by JunHyung Lee)
- Added Hebrew translation (by Nitsan Rozenberg)

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