Updated: 14 Apr 2014

SmartFFmpeg is an interesting GUI for the powerful, open source multimedia-converter ffmpeg, which supports a variety of audio, video and container formats!
As a console application ffmpeg exclusively works with a huge number of parameters and you don't even know the most important ones off by heart.

Even if you do, it is a rocky road to do your conversions manually or via BAT files. A long and unconfortable procedure.

That's why I created SmartFFmpeg!

A GUI, that lets you configure most of the important parameters visually and furthermore provides a list of multimedia-files, that are to be converted (tasks), to enable you to convert multiple files in a row with the same or individual settings.

Each task applies the current settings when being added and can be given different ones afterwards.

A key feature of SmartFFmpeg is the preset-management. Presets let you store conbinations of parameters for certain conversion jobs like:

- extract the audio-track of any video
- audio-only conversion to MP3
- convert videos for mobile devices, PSP, iPod, cellphone...
- and much more
Looking up parameters is history now, they stand by to be selected by you!

Features of SmartFFmpeg 1.3:

- Internet update-check on startup!
- Well structured GUI, all settings at a glance
- Drag&drop support for adding files
- Generalisation by applying current settings to each task when it is added
- Individualisation by offering separate settings per task (select from file list)
- Pre-defined, extensible presets, that store all settings for frequent conversion jobs
- Extensibility of the selectable ListBox-values via text-files (e.g. add custom resolutions etc.)
- Extensibility of the conversion settings by any ffmpeg parameter into free input- and output-text fields
- Preconfiguration of output-filename
- Preconfiguration of output-file extension
- Selectable process-priority for ffmpeg.exe

Predefined presets:

- Video-conversion for Mobile Phones (3GP, H263 and H264)
- Video-conversion for Flash-Video (FLV)
- Video-conversion for PSP (MP4)
- Video-conversion for DVD (MPEG2)
- Video-conversion to AVI (DivX+MP3, WMV7+WMA, ...)
- Audio-conversion to MP3
- Audio-conversion to AC3 (5.1)
- Audio-conversion to WAV (s16le)
- Extraction of several audio-tracks (AAC, AC3, MP3)
- ...and more

Important Note:

- SmartFFmpeg requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and FFmpeg (unpack to a folder and select the ffmpeg.exe in the SmartFFmpeg Options-menu).

Changes in SmartFFmpeg 1.3.3:

- Threads option now allows 0, which should be automatic optimization, like 1 thread per core?
- "From Timecode" now defaults to 00:00:00, if only "To Timecode" is set to a value.
* SmartFFmpeg 1.3:
- Internal changes to INI file handling.
- Re-organization of some GUI elements. Added fields for cropping and (time) cutting.
- Changed resizing to scale filter, instead of -s.
- Added deinterlace option for the input video using the yadif filter.
- Added feature to display the ffmpeg parameters of the selected task.
- Compatible to ffmpeg version N-31247-g5d4fd1d (Jul, 4. 2011) other versions likely but not tested!

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