Streamripper 1.64.6

Updated: 31 Mar 2009 | Freeware | 2.48MB | Downloads: 59801

Streamripper records shoutcast and icecast compatible streams, in their native format. The following formats are supported: mp3, nsv, aac, and ogg.
The meta data within the stream are interpreted to determine the beginning and end of each song, and stores the songs on your hard disk as individual files.

In addition, Streamripper includes a relay server for listening to the station while you are recording.

Streamripper for Windows and Winamp installer contains :

- the Winamp Plugin: this uses the GUI application for actual ripping.
- Console Application or the streamripper command-line application: very handy for advanced users.
- the GUI Application: you need the GUI version of streamripper for the Winamp plugin, but you can run it standalone too.
- Core Libraries: the streamripper core. You'll need this ;)

How to use Streamripper?

The following steps switches Streamripper on (if you didn't do this during installation)
- Go in Winamp to Options > Preferences > Plug-ins > General Purpose
- Click on "Streamripper For Winamp" and then click on "Configure selected plug-in"
- In the little Window, check the box and click OK.
- In Systray near the clock doubleclick on the SR icon (the icon will always appear when running winamp).

Changes in Streamripper 1.64.6 :

- Fix bug which creates corrupted id3v2 tags
- Remove trailing periods for stream name


Streamripper 1.61.24
on 09 July 2006, reviewed by: Peter Topno


Just tried it and it seems great. Yet to understand its full potential though !


Streamripper 1.60.10
on 10 November 2004, reviewed by: Willems


Perfect !

Print Streamripper

Quick and dirty tutorial on using the Streamripper plugin for Winamp.

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