Updated: 1 Jul 2009

If you like to play movies with subtitles then this is the player for you. SubEdit Player is a very easy-to-use, versatile movie player and subtitles editor.
SubEdit Player can handle almost all common audio/video formats (with the right codecs installed) and subtitles.

To use SubEdit, is recommended to install standard Windows Media Player 6.4 or higher. If the movie requires non standard codec (DivX ;-) for example), you have to install it manually.

Features of SubEdit Player :

Player properties:
- Auto-loading of subtitles file,
- Subtitles multiple language (files compatible with mask "MovieFileName*.txt"),
- Playing movie on TV,
- User subtitles directory,
- Playing all files in current directory,
- Player resume after system hangup,
- Shuting down the PC after the movie ends,
- Movie chapters,
- Playlist,
- Auto-loading the next part of the movie,
- Video files associations,
- Auto narrow too wide subtitles,
- Smooth zoom (50-200%).
Subtitles edition tools:
- Supported formats: mDVD, TMPlayer (and similar), MPL2, SSA, SRT, SMI,
- Constant shift of subtitles show-time,
- Linear shift of subtitles show-time,
- Auto-correction of rapidly displayed subtitles,
- Subtitles FPS value change,
- Auto-change display time, depend on text lenght,
- DVD rippers mistakes repair tools,
- Quick search for wrong time format rows,
- Hihglighting unrecognized and unsorted lines,
- Light up briefly displayed subtitles lines,
- Follow editor subtitles.
Subtitles formation tools:
- Movie loading,
- Inserting movie's current frame as subtitle frame,
- Playing movie from subtitles on cursor position,
- Moving cursor to currently displayed subtitle,
- Advanced subtitles search tools.

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SubEdit Player build 4043
on 07 March 2006, reviewed by:

Hey, can anyone tell me if you can actually delete subtitles? For example some torrents I downloaded have Spanish subtitles ...


SubEdit Player build 4043
on 25 December 2005, reviewed by:

Great player and great subtitles editor :-)

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