The Core Media Player 4.11

Updated: 20 Jan 2006 | Freeware | 3.24MB | Downloads: 1129990

The Core Media Player (TCMP) is the successor to the popular PowerDivX NextGen multimedia player. The Core Media Player is a complete multimedia player that is capable of playing virtually every multi-media audio and video format under the sun.
The Core Media Player comes in two version, the standard free version and the paid Premium version. The Premium version has the following additional features: DVD Playback and Unlimited Plug-in Support.

Main Features of The Core Media Player:

- Advanced DirectShow based Core.
- All A/V types are easily extendable by installing new DirectShow filters
- Skin support with real time Hue variation and Alpha blending
- Playlist support based on a XML/DTD architecture code-name Nefertiti. This allows you to set properties for each Playlist file entry (ie: equalizer settings, subtitles, title, Aspect Ratio, etc)
- Playlist file types supported M3U, PLS, NPL, XML
- Support for Winamp(tm) Digital Signal Processing (DSP) plug-ins for audio and video files
- Support for Winamp(tm) Visualization (VIS) plug-ins for audio and video files
- Advanced Core Dynamic Libraries (CDL) architectures providing a good way for third-party developers to enhance and add possibilities to be the player. (ie: Remote support, lyrics, subtitle format support, etc)
- DirectShow summoner: an easy way to force a DirectShow filter to join a filtergraph
- Dual-View monitor support
- Adjustable Media playback speed (Half rate -50%, Normal rate 100%, Double rate 200%)
- Graphedit Server for manipulating audio and video streams
- Multithreaded capable for optimized speed.
- Console mode with Full Command Line Interface (CLI) Features
- Bookmarks & chapters support
- Easily customizable hotkey support
- Player database statistics.
- Full tray icon controls
- WinXP autoplay shell integration

AUDIO FEATURES of The Core Media Player:

- Supported audio formats*: AAC, MP3, AC3, OGG, WMA, Real Audio, MPC, WAV, MOD, CDA, FLAC, MKA, APE, ASF, AU, MID, MCF, WAVPACK, SPEEX, Vorbis, MP1, MP2, VQF
- DS Based http streaming support
- Integrated Audio Stream Switching Support
- 9 bands equalizer + and Preamp
- Dynamic Range Control (DRC)
- Metadata support and editor for ID3v1, ID3v2 tags, OGG, OGM, MPEG audio info
- Ability to change the audio renderer (DirectSound, WaveOut, etc), AC3 support

VIDEO FEATURES of The Core Media Player:

- Supported video formats*: Matroska, Real Video, OGM, DivX 3.xx, 4.xx, 5.xx, MPEG-4. XviD, DVD***, AVI, MPEG-1, H.264, SVCD, VCD, OGM, DAT, IFO, VOB, WMV, ASF, QT 2.x, M1V, M2V, VP3, CorePNG
- 100% compatible OGG, OGM Media Player. Capable of OGM video, audio streams, subtitles, chapters, tags
- Advanced Matroska CDL with support for Anamorphic Video Ratios
- AVI with multiple audio streams support
- DS Based http streaming support
- Desktop background player mode (plays videos on desktop background)
- NEW powerful Open Source USF Universal Subtitles Format (USF) based on XML/DTD
- Subtitles support for Subrip, MicroDVD, PowerDivX, Subviewer 1/2 with the tags
- Fully customizable On-Screen-Display (OSD) Video support
- Metadata support for ID3v1, ID3v2, MPEG audio information, AVI information, OGG Vorbis tags
- Metadata support for AVI information, OGG Vorbis tags, WMV tags
- On the fly video size change for Display Aspect Ratio, Pixels Aspect Ratio, Pan-Scan/Zoom, - Vertical and Horizontal stretching
- Manual Time Jump
* With the appropriate filters installed
** Supported in the Registered Version

Changes in The Core Media Player 4.11 :

- [ADD] Support for Haali Media Splitter
- [FIX] Lot's of small stuff we can't remember ;-)


The Core Media Player 4.11
on 08 April 2010, reviewed by: Shimhoc


I prefer it over the new coreplayer pro. pro sounds too bright and amped. there is no full bass and treble setting and ive tried to set the EQ to similar coreplayer4 settings but it still puts the voice too bright and i can't hear the bass line properly. I play FLAC files BTW.


The Core Media Player 4.11
on 01 May 2008, reviewed by: abhishek


dashing good. some interface oddness, but the super mutli format play makes up.


The Core Media Player 4.11
on 03 December 2007, reviewed by: Kyle


Would be nice if there was a 150% speed choice--2x is too fast, but 1.5x is still understandable.

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