VirtualDVD 5.7

Updated: 2 Sep 2014

VirtualDVD is 100% Free Media Emulator for home and office.
Features VirtualDVD 5.7:

* All supported CD/DVD/Blu-ray image formats
- CloneCD (*.ccd), CDRWin (*.bin), Cue Sheets (*.cue), CDImage (*.img), ISO (*.iso),
- BlindRead (*.bwt), BlindWrite (*.b5t; *.b6t), Alcohol 120% Image (*.mds;*.mdf),
- Disc Juggler (*.cdi), Instant CD/DVD (*.pdi), Compressed ISO (*.isz), Nero (*.nrg),
- CloneDVD (*.dvd), CDSpace6 (*.LCD)
* Emulate up to 24 SCSI devices in all
* Perform image mounting to local NTFS folders
* Customize virtual drives: change a drive letter, DVD region
* Support Encrypted isz(Compressed ISO) file

Changes VirtualDVD 5.7:

- Added language of Greek
- Optimization of internal functions

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