VoxWare MetaSound Audio CoDec

Updated: 28 Jul 2004 | Freeware | 641KB | Downloads: 3143835

Voxware provides high-quality sound using low- to mid-range bit rates. It comes with a variety of mono and stereo audio formats to choose from depending on your network bandwidth. It is also suitable for encoding mono voice-only content at extremely low bit-rates.
MetaVoice works far FAR better than MP3 and even WMA at very low bit rates. You can get very good speech quality at 2kbit/sec! (Note I said "bits" not "bytes" - you can't touch that with MP3.)

It'll do soundtrack noises pretty well too, although it can get muddy if there's too much going on. Using the MetaSound codec and upping the bit rate to a whopping 8 or 16kbit/sec will fix this. The best part is there are no restrictions on the Voxware codecs - you can use'em in pretty much anything and they'll play.


- Audio Codec Tag 75 may be requested when VoxWare MetaSound Audio CoDec is missing.

How to install VoxWare MetaSound Audio CoDec:

- Uncompress the files from "VoxWare_MSA_CoDec.zip" archive, right-click on the "voxacm.inf" file and select Install.
- You may encounter a prompt saying: "The software you are installing for this hardware... has not passed Windows Logo testing..."; click on the Continue Anyway button.
- "voxacm.inf" file can be hidden; find out how to show hidden files from here (Windows XP users) or here (Windows 9x/Me users).

Important Note:

- Due to high number of problems caused by the installation of VoxWare MetaSound Audio CoDec (see Comments page), a brief illustrated guide was added here.


VoxWare MetaSound Audio CoDec
on 03 June 2012, reviewed by: David ProjecKt


What the Heck? I was so pleased to be able to finally play a concert video hidden on a CD from 2000--after following advice and downloading KMPlayer. But it only worked once!! I can not recreate the conditions, nor can I get it to work on XP Windows Media Player. That device continually tells me that I do not have the correct codec.

Like Christina (15 July 2009), I would like to have WMP recognize the codec. Tweak Tools from K-Lite also could not help. I have been able to get the VIDEO to play in WinAmp, but with NO AUDIO... HELP!! PS. Does all of the advice about .inf files and copying to the C: drive no longer apply now that we have .exe files?

I could not get any of the advice about "voxacm file set up," nor "Run as Administrator" to apply to my situation. Is that advice out of date?


VoxWare MetaSound Audio CoDec
on 02 November 2011, reviewed by: Richard


Doesn't do anything and there are no inf files.

The other comment about audacity is totally incorrect. It will not import/play undf. try the tutorial "flight of the bumblebee" from monkeyseemonkey do site.

Stupid YouTube using crappy bloody codecs!


VoxWare MetaSound Audio CoDec
on 15 January 2011, reviewed by: saintraa


I went on another way. I have installed K-Lite Codec Pack on my system and went to Codec Tweak Tool and there enabled all Vox codecs in the codecs tree. And sound appeared! :D

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