Wavosaur 1.1

Updated: 2 Dec 2013

Wavosaur is a powerful free audio editor for Windows, ideal for editing audio clips, sound designing, mastering, audio mangling and recording of your digital audio sounds.
Wavosaur lets you edit all your samples and audio recording.

You can cut, copy, paste parts of your digital recording.

Wavosaur provides many tools and shortcuts to make the editing very fast and efficient.

The program was designed to give a powerful audio editor but very easy and fast to use.

Wavosaur is also a VST host, it means you can use VST effects on your audio recording, listen in real time to the audio processed by effects, and apply the effects of course.

You can make a chain of effects, this means endless possibilities with all the VST plugins effects available nowadays.

Wavosaur can record from your soundcard inputs, and lets you monitor your audio ports.
Inserting loop points and markers to your audio files is very easy.

Wavosaur is also MIDI controlable, you can use a MIDI control surface to command the main functions of Wavosaur.

Features of Wavosaur 1.1:

- Cut ,copy, paste, trim-crop
- Loop points creation and markers
- VST host, effect chaining
- MIDI implementation
- 2D Spectrum analysis
- 3D Spectrum analysis
- Sonogram
- real-time oscilloscope waveform, FFT & pan
- Insert silence, fade, normalize, vocal remover etc.
- Complete statistics about the waveform
- AIFF, WAV, raw format support
- MP3 import
- Recording soundcard input
- Audio conversion
- And many more...

Changes in Wavosaur 1.1:

+ 64 bit version : Wavosaur now runs natively on 64 bit Windows systems, and load 64 bit VST plugins, the 32 bit version of Wavosaur is also available
+ VST Host bugfix : fixed bug with "input pin", it was causing "Izotope" VST plugins to stop working
- See full list of changes here.

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Wavosaur 1.0.7
on 07 November 2012, reviewed by: Andrew

Tried to open a 600Mb .wav file. After 100 seconds of huffing and puffing Wavosaur opened an empty window, although ...

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