Winamp Essentials Pack 5.7 beta 4

Updated: 24 Aug 2013

Winamp Essentials Pack is a plug-in pack compiled by Winamp staff and contributors: "this is not an official Nullsoft thing, but something we, Winamp developers do in our free time."
It contains plug-ins that either didn't make it into the official release or that developers and maybe you - the users - can't live without.

Winamp Essentials Pack 5.7 contains :

- Ogg Vorbis Encoder
- Apple Lossless (alac) Decoder
- WavPack Decoder
- Waveform Wrapper
- Lite-n Winamp Preferences
- ML Enqueue & Play
- Time Restore & Autoplay
- Skin Manager
- Album Art Viewer
- Playlist Undo
- Find File On Disk
- Unicode Taskbar Fixer
• Please note you must have Winamp version 5.6 or above to use this plug-in pack.

Changes in Winamp Essentials Pack 5.7 beta 4:

* Updated: [gen_classicart] Album Art plugin to v0.93 (thanks DrO)
- fixed an error message on Winamp close
* Misc: [Installer] increased minimal required Winamp version to
* Winamp Essentials Pack 5.7 beta 3:
* New: All Essentials Pack Plugins/Components now include file description & version info properties (thanks DrO)
* Updated: [gen_nopro] Lite-n Winamp Preferences to v1.71
* Updated: [gen_classicart] Album Art plugin to v0.92 (thanks DrO)
- Adding support to handle SHOUTcast 2 in-stream artwork from compatible SHOUTcast 2 DNAS
- Added support to query the file directly for rating information if no rating from library
* Updated: [UnicodeTaskbarFix.w5s] Unicode Taskbar Fix to v3.0.1
* Misc: [alac.w5s] removed obsolete Apple Lossless Playback (now part of Winamp)
* Misc: [gen_find_on_disk] removed obsolete Find File On Disk plugin (now part of Winamp)
* Misc: [Installer] made installer deletes obsolete 'Find File On Disk Plugin'
* Misc: [Installer] increased minimal required Winamp version to

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