Updated: 18 Sep 2006

The Winamp Transcoder is a plugin for Winamp which adds a "Transcode" option to the right click - Send to menu in the playlist and media library.
Clicking this will convert all selected songs from whatever format they are currently in to the format specified in the Configuration.

To access the Configuration for this plugin, go to the Winamp Preferences then to "Media Library" under "Plugins". Click "Transcoder" then "Configure".

The settings for the encoding are separate from your CD rip settings.

Features of Winamp Transcoder :

- Advanced naming: Will save your music in any directory structure you specify.
- Format compatability: Will transcode from any format with a winamp input plugin to any format with a winamp encoding plugin.
- Easy Use: Just a right click menu option away.

Changes in Winamp Transcoder 2.0a :

- Now gets the correct extention when encoding to flac, and copies metadata correctly.
• Winamp Transcoder 2.0
- Totally re-written to use IPC_CONVERT instead of my own emulation layer.
- Pro: Doesn't crash. Ever.
- Cons: It will not work on some formats. mp3, aac, m4a, ogg, wma and wav are all known to work, but you can't transcode from flac (yet... this is a licensing issue rather than a technical one).
- Closed source for now. Sorry.
- Only compatable with Winamp 5.25 (which as of now, hasn't been released, heh).

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