cladDVD .NET 3.5.7

Updated: 3 Jun 2005 | Freeware | 600KB | Downloads: 86228

cladDVD .NET will unscramble and copy over the CSS encrypted files from a DVD movie which is needed before any further type of processing, viewing or conversion can take place.
cladDVD .NET has two different methods of ripping a DVD. Method 1 is PGC Mode [AVI] and Method 2 is DVD Mode [DVDR].

• Use PGC Mode if you intent to make an AVI file, after ripping you'll end up with one big VOB file ready for AVI conversion.
• Use DVD Mode if you intent to make a 'copy' of the DVD onto a DVD-/+R, after ripping the full dvd you'll end up will all the same files that the original dvd contained, minus the encryption of course.

All five of cladDVD .NET options and the Destination Folder path are stored in the registry so these options will stay at those chosen each time the program is ran.

The Destination Folder must be a local drive, choosing network drives and/or folders is NOT allowed. cladDVD .NET MUST be ran on the PC where the files are to be ripped.

The source drive (DVD) does NOT have to be local, a mapped network drive WILL suffice.

If choosing a DVD-ROM unit over a network be sure to play the DVD for a few seconds first to unlock the drive, failure to do so may prevent the correct functioning of the ripper.

VOB files are NOT standard movie files, clicking on them may have unexpected results, you may have no sound, weird aspect ratio, incorrect language, directors commentry, so be a good boy and do it properly. If you wish to watch the ripped DVD as it was intended with all menu's etc. then rip using DVD Mode and using your DVD player sofware, PowerDVD XP for example, Select the 'Select Source' button and chose 'Open DVD file on hard disk drive' and point to the folder which contains you ripped movie, the one with all the VOB/IFO/BUP files.

Changes from cladDVD .NET 3.5.6 to cladDVD .NET 3.5.7 :

- Only a trivial update, IFO file is also taken in PGC [AVI] mode, also in that mode, the file naming convention has changed, needed for other programs.

Important Notes :

- This software is designed to be used as a method of backing up DVDs. It is NOT meant to be used as a tool for stealing copyrighted material, but instead for LEGALLY creating backups of DVDs that you own.
- The current version requires Microsoft .NET Framework which is only included in XP.


cladDVD .NET 3.5.7
on 13 September 2010, reviewed by: KNOWITALLDVDRIPPER


I have used this software for over 7 years now and it works great for most of the dvds made up until 2007 2008. after that most of them cannot be decrypted due to the software not having been updated. They then created andthen that was surpassed by clonad is the author of all of these great free media tools. I have dontaed to them several times for their great work.


cladDVD .NET 3.5.7
on 18 October 2007, reviewed by: Tejbir


Excellent software for unscrambling but do not let you know how to combine Video_TS and Audio_TS file together while burning on a single DVD


cladDVD .NET 3.5.7
on 19 May 2007, reviewed by: mandy


no probs downloading but how do i save to burn to disc?

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