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DVD Region+CSS Free enables you to watch and copy any region code CSS-encrypted DVD movies on any DVD drive! It fully supports region-protected (RPC2) DVD drives, and does not require any firmware modifications. It will work, even if you can not change the DVD drive's region anymore.
DVD Region+CSS Free works in the background to make DVDs appear region free and unprotected for DVD player and copy software automatically. With the help of DVD Region+CSS Free you can watch any region code DVD movies with a software DVD player like PowerDVD or WinDVD! With DVD Region+CSS Free's help DVD copy software like DVDFab Gold, DVD X Copy, InterVideo DVD Copy, etc. are able to copy DVDs which are CSS protected!

Features of DVD Region+CSS Free :

- Very easy to use: works automatically in the background
- Enables any region code DVD to be played in all software DVD players
- Enables any CSS encrypted DVD to be copied in all DVD copy softwares
- Removes region code (RC) from DVDs
- Removes encryption (CSS) from DVDs
- Removes region code enhancement (RCE) from DVDs
- Removes analog copy protection (Macrovision) from DVDs
- Removes user operation prohibitions (UOPs) from DVDs, which means now you can:
- Enables DVD menu or movie to be played directly without FBI warnings
- Prevents auto run of software from DVDs, such as PCFriendly
- Works with all DVD drives, including region-protected (RPC2) DVD drives
- Works "on the fly", without having to save data on hard disk
- Stable and fast, does not need any driver
- FREE lifetime upgrade
- FREE lifetime English support via e-mail, worldwide
- "Remove Structure Protection": copy DVDs with Sony ARccOS copy-protection! [NEW!]
- New Feature: DVD Region+CSS Free decrypts not just DVDs, it now allows you also to play, copy and rip protected Audio CDs!

Changes from DVD Region+CSS Free to DVD Region+CSS Free :

- DVD Region+CSS Free Updated!
- DVD Region+CSS Free Lite Updated!

- Change: Extended trial period to 90 days.

- Fix: A problem when removing protection from some Sony ARccOS protected DVDs.
- New: Added support for a new Sony ARccOS protection as found on "Ultraviolet" (R2, Greek) and "When a Stranger Calls" (R2, Greek).
- Fix: Several minor problems.

Important Note :

- DVD-RAM, Matshita XX-8xxx, SW-9xxx series DVD drives, and Torisan DRD-Uxxx series DVD drives are not supported now, and there is no plan to support them. But you can watch and copy CSS-encrypted DVD movies when the drive region and disc region is matched on these DVD drives.

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DVD Region+CSS Free
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I would like to buy this program my free trial has ran out but I cannot get to a page ...


DVD Region+CSS Free
on 28 May 2007, reviewed by:

I was able to copy the dvd to hard dish but while playing it shows a black screen instead, please ...

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