FreeEnc is a free MPEG-2 encoder, which uses avcodec library to encode. This encoder takes AVISynth input(.avs) and outputs MPEG2 like QuEnc, but the main difference is that every parameter is tweakable, plus it comes with the optimized parameters of MencodeMe, which are known to produce great quality.
Features of FreeEnc 0.5:

- MPEG2 encoding using the libavcodec
- Highly optimized mencoder parameters. This encoder should produce same or better quality than mencodeme
- Highly tweakable: every libavcodec options are available
- Command-line syntax is the same as QuEnc: can be used with any QuEnc compatible application, including DIKO.
- Uses Aviynth input

Changes from FreeEnc 0.44 to FreeEnc 0.5:

- Regular avcodec rate control back.
- Source code released under GPL.

HC encoder: is a simple to use MPEG2 video encoder and is meant for creating MPEG2 video streams with a strong focus on DVD-compliancy.

MediaCoder: is an open source audio/video batch transcoder, putting together many excellent audio/video softwares from the open source community into one friendly GUI.


FreeEnc 0.5
on 10 June 2007 , reviewed by:

This is great. It allows high quality video in lower bitrates due to smart detection of each frame. Each frame ...

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