madFLAC 1.10

Updated: 4 Jan 2011 | Freeware | 318KB | Downloads: 458890

madFLAC is a DirectShow decoder filter for FLAC files. It should work with any FLAC files you can throw at it and give out bit perfect results.
Supported are both external standalone FLAC files and FLAC tracks inside of containers (e.g. MKV).

Changes in madFLAC 1.10 :

- fixed: some MKV files made madFlac freeze
• madFLAC 1.9
- fixed: uninstall was incomplete
- fixed: channel mask was not properly set for weird channel configurations
- changed metadata string allocation type to solve MPC HC heap corruption complaints
- lSampleSize is set to 1 now to improve compatability with other filters


madFLAC 1.10
on 06 February 2013, reviewed by: Luis


Just Great. Could not play some flac files downloaded from the internet in my WMP. Just installed the madflac, double clicked on the files and they were playing well.

Simple and effective. Love It.


madFLAC 1.10
on 09 October 2012, reviewed by: Dave Rogers


I just wanted to say thanks for MadFlac! I am running Windows 8 Pre-Release and have tried a couple of other codecs that said they would work, but MadFlac works flawlessly!

I installed it, restarted WMP, created a playlist of nothing but flac files, rebooted and all was good!

I am impressed! Thanks a lot!



madFLAC 1.10
on 21 August 2012, reviewed by: Lightman


At first this did not work for me also - Windows 7.

I saw the review below that said to first do the filter install (when you install it, it will just pop up a window that says information and some other nonsense) and tell win7 it installed OK..then hit install.bat.

Now I get flacs playing in windows media player. Baller!

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