Moovida is much more than a simple media player... it is a cutting edge media center bringing the best of the internet to your TV screen.
Automatically creating your own digital library you can browse from your sofa with a remote control.

The elegant and easy to use interface automatically displays artwork and fan art throughout and gives you access to movie synopsis and artist info.

Features of Moovida 2.1:

• Enriched Media Library:
Moovida Core allows you to import your media from any of your local folders, network sources or external devices. You pin point exactly which video and music you want in your library, and Moovida will assign cover art to each file from a trusted online database. Moovida Core even connects to YouTube to recommend videos related to your music files.
• Videos Galore:
Moovida supports an extensive list of popular file formats and codecs including the DivX, h264, avi, asf, wmv, mkv, flv, mov, ogg, so you can play virtually any video in your library, whether film or tv series.
• Your Music Hub:
Play any type of audio file from your library of music, or access more tunes online with, and much more on the way...
• Fine Tuned for your Taste:
Create music playlists, shuffle at random or let Moovida set the tone with the smart DJ feature that suggests music by genre, rating and even acoustic similarity.
• Moovida Speaks your Language:
Moovida 2.0 is available in over 20 languages, namely English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Czech, ... Get the full list here.
• Moovida Immersed:
Moovida Core will soon include this media center extension, optimized for remote control navigation on your HDTV. Its 3d interface will offer something entirely unique, a user experience you'll surely want to repeat day after day.

Changes in Moovida 2.0.1 :

• Besides launching a new logo AND a sexyfied interface, we’ve worked on some upgrades to improve performance and user experience:
• Moovida UI/Player
- Minimode for video files and better overall process integration
- Optimized starting time
- Open single or multiple files from desktop will automatically queue in one running instance of Moovida (the application no longer duplicates)
- Drag and drop files from desktop or any other location into Moovida library
- Optimized performance for Moovida’s advertising window
- Better support for subtitles and track choices (Moovida Controller)
- Optimization and revamped version of poster browsing
- Moovida launches one instance at a time
- Media scanner improvement for English titles – support for A.K.A.s (Also Know As) in other languages coming soon
• Installer
- Removes prior version first to avoid any conflict
- First verifies if version is running
• Bug Fixes
- Adding a radio station makes the application crash on Windows
- When double clicking a movie from the cover list, it’s not opened in the now playing extension
- Text translation
- Improve media scanner accuracy
- Introduce a blacklist for some file patterns that should not be scanned
- Handle movies split in multiple files
- Music hangs and makes the application unresponsive
- Two instances of account log
- Some tags are sent with a space ‘ ‘ at the beginning of the name ( ‘ jazz’ instead of ‘jazz’ )
- Close the current playback / navigation event when closing the application
- Automatically get the movie genre
- Update default path differs from the installation path
- New Update dialog
- Film title is too close to the horizontal ruler in the video title dialog
- Keyword consistency
- Contextual labels for movie identification could be improved
- Moovida Account Registry Activity never stops
- Search engine in video’s source should search filename
- Categorizing from Movie to TV Show does not work properly
- New shortcut in the videos category are not working correctly
- Video identifier extension blocking startup for too long
- libgstdshowvideosink.dll prevents video from playing
- When we try to play a video that doesn’t exist, Moovida crashes
- Implement extended tab options for CDsThe application crashes when we “stress” the album cover panel
- “Import media files” dialog when we start moovida
- Fix communication problems when Moovida in Mini mode
- Simplify and improve the architecture of identifying videos (jobs, etc.)
- Show the update dialog when closing the application
- When Moovida is executed, the main window should be focused and activated
- When Moovida is started, a movie is automatically played
- Correctly set the rating (stars) and CD part for the identified films
- Remove orphan cover arts
- When we download a cover after identifying a video, calculate the different sizes
- Improve movie image loading
- Calculate number of stars and the source of tracks in an album
- Cover resolution analysis
- Apply the delayed events on the player
- When a playlist changes, update Moovida’s playlist
- Sometimes there are covers that don’t appear
• Experimental Features / Fixes
- DVD section
- TV Episode Section
- Optimize the number of attributes per track when querying the tracks for an album
- Playing .FLAC files
- When no filters are set for querying the movies, return unidentified movies

Moovida Core is making a big leap with this release, and, like a fine wine, will only get better with time. The list of bug fixes above (just to name a few) demonstrates some of glitches that have been resolved with 2.0.1. pictures/screenshots/thumb/Moovida_2.jpg

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Moovida 2.0.2
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I just found out that the installer also adds an extension to Firefox (Interest Recognizer For Moovida) that has the ...


Moovida 2.0.2
on 06 November 2010 , reviewed by:

Installer is very bad. 1) No option to set installation folder. 2) No option to control start menu items 3) ...

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