MP3Cutter is a program that enables you to cut pieces from a MP3 without compromising the original quality of this MP3.
This is done by doing a frame aligned cut between multiple frames, which is a better approach than first decoding a MP3 to raw PCM, edit it with a wave-editor and re-encoding it back to MP3.

Only downside of this procedure is that "special processing", like normalizing, adding reverb, etc. is not possible.

Changes in MP3Cutter 4.0:

- A fast way to reset the jog-dial to 0 when using the arrow- and page up/down-keys. Use the "0" key on the numeric keypad.
- Extended export feature with enables you to export selected items in the cuesheet (in any supported format; MP3, WAV and M3Q) without being asked for their filenames: the files will be saved as stated in the alias of that cue. As a result, the original "Export" option has been renamed to "Export As".

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MP3Cutter 4.0 Build 534 beta
on 30 September 2006, reviewed by:

No install required (runs just as an .exe). Worked instantly. Got a 10 second mp3 to use as a ringtone ...


MP3Cutter 4.0 Build 534 Beta
on 19 February 2005, reviewed by:


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